Humbaba’s Escape (Rank 1)Edit

One of the tribe’s first and most valuable tricks, this Gift allows a wereleopard to dislocate her limbs and slide through small openings. Though the Bagheera claim that the wise cat Humbaba invented the trick, the Simba maintain that he originally learned it from Mouse-spirits.


The player rolls her Dexterity + Athletics to dislocate her cat’s limbs. The harder the attempt, the higher the difficulty becomes. Undoing your wrist to get out of handcuffs would be difficulty 6, while dislocating your spine and ribs to get through an air shaft would be 10. While the cat is out of joint, her Stamina rating drops by two. Simple adjustments don’t cost any Gnosis, but large-scale body-shifts cost one point.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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