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Hummingbird DartEdit

(Level Three) This gift is most often utilized in conjunction with Razor Feathers, in which case it makes for a devastating weapon. Hummingbird Dart permits a Corax to pluck one of her own feathers and throw it like (as one might guess) a dart. The feather flies Straight and true, ignoring even the laws of Physics and the strictures of aerodynamics. A Hummingbird-spirit teaches this Gift.


The Hummingbird Dart requires that the Corax Spend a Point of Rage and then roll Dexterity + Melee (difficulty 5). If a Corax chooses to use this Gift after calling for Razor Feathers, the results can be vicious. A Razored Hummingbird Dart is, in essence, a throwing shiv that does aggravated damage, and should be treated accordingly. The thrown feather does Dexterity +3 dice of damage.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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