Iron WebEdit

(Level Four) The Ananasi can spin a web that is nearly transparent and remarkably durable. Many Ananasi use this webbing to create their permanent lairs and Sylies.


The character must spend one Gnosis and make a Gnosis roll, difficulty 7 to activate the Gift before spending blood points as usual to spin the webbing. The Iron Web made by this Gift is extremely tough and can last for months, even years as long as the Ananasi keeps it properly groomed. The webbing is highly resistant to fire and soaks damage as if it had the Ananasi's Homid-form Stamina. Each cubic foot of the webbing can resist five health levels (after soak) of damage before breaking. Ananasi can consume this webbing and use it again after digesting it properly, thus avoiding the need to spend more blood points on it.