Jump to the Moon (Rank 5)Edit

The greatest of Bastet can return to Seline for short visits. By forming a Moon Bridge from her Den-Realm to the moon, the werecat departs to the court of Luna. While there, she can breathe and move about normally; so long as she’s careful, it’ll be a glorious stay...


Opening the Bridge requires 10 successes with a Wits + Enigmas roll (difficulty 8). Obviously, this demands an extended roll, a bit of time (each roll takes one hour), and some great moonlit ritual. Seline must be invoked and her servants called. The Gift can only be attempted once per night; if dawn comes before 10 successes are accumulated, the ritual has been wasted. If the Bastet succeeds, the Bridge lasts for one night. Lunes come down to guide the werecat and her guests to Seline’s body. The trip, it is said, is faster than thought — reaching or returning to the moon takes only minutes. If the Bridge closes before the character returns, she must open another one from the moon.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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