Jungle’s Vengeance (Rank 4)Edit

By tapping into her ties with the land, a Balam urges the jungle to turn against any invaders. The assault begins innocently enough, with vines that trip and swarms of hungry bugs; if the outsiders don’t get the hint and leave, however, the Vengeance turns nastier. Pools of quicksand, poisonous plants and insects and clouds of noxious gas spring into existence right in the invaders’ path. Ultimately, the Gift whittles a determined force of trespassers down into a handful of desperate survivors — easy pickings for an angry werejaguar and her friends...


The player puts a point of Rage and two points of Gnosis into the Gift, which then swells into a series of scattered but purposeful events. Although the Storyteller has the final say about exactly what happens where and to whom, the land and its pests begin a subtle campaign to drive invaders out. These events escalate from annoyances to fatalities as the Storyteller desires. Although they won’t be powerful enough to destroy a band of supernatural foes, most mortals will be driven to near-madness before the Gift runs its course.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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