Larder of the ShrikeEdit

(Level Three) Shrikes are notorious for killing more than they need, then storing the corpses for later use. Shrike-spirits can share the knowledge of the benefits that can accrue from such behavior. Essentially, this Gift allows the to Store food - and anything else, like, say, a corpse - in Perfect condition for up to a year, so long as the stored item is allowed to hang free in the “larder.”


By spending a Gnosis and succeeding on a Willpower roll (difficulty 6, a Corax can use this Gift on a hunk of meat (or vegetables, though few Corax have deigned to do so) to preserve it nearly ad infinitum for future use. For as long as the Gift’s effect lasts, neither rot nor bloat affects the stored items - including dead bodies. Living items cannot be placed into a state of suspended animation by this Gift, which only affects dead things. Vampires and Risen don’t fall under Larder of the Shrike’s purview either, unfortunately.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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