Last Ditch (Rank 1) Edit

When the chips are down and your back's to the wall, risks need to be taken. This Gift makes those last choices a little less risky by allowing for some instinctual co-ordination to be taken. A bee or ant-spirit teaches this Gift.

Glass Walkers of the Dies Ultimae camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

The Soldier looks toward an ally and spends one point of Gnosis before rolling Intelligence + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7). The ally does not need to spend Gnosis or roll, but must also know the Gift. As long as one success is rolled, the players of each character may formulate a detailed plan out of character, which both characters instinctually grasp simply from making eye contact. Each character adds two bonus dice to his or her next roll, but for the rest of the scene after that they lose two dice from all actions.

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Revised

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