Last Stand (Rank 4)Edit

By summoning her determination and calling to the spirit of Gaia, a Garou may make herself steadfast and invulnerable. The strength of the Earth wells up through her feet, and the ground itself guards her against the approach of any who wish her harm. Only after all foes have been vanquished should the Wendigo move from her rooted spot, else she loses her connection with Gaia. An earth elemental teaches this Gift.


The player rolls Willpower at a difficulty of 8. For each success, the character can add an additional die to all Physical dice pools. Additionally, anyone attacking the Wendigo who also comes in contact wiht the earth is unable to surprise her, no matter what direction they may come from. If her foe, however, is airborne, floating, or otherwise not touching the ground, the Garou is vulnerable to surprise, although she does not lose the extra dice added to her Physical pool. If the Wendigo moves from her position, the effects of the Gift are lost. A Garou using Last Stand is immune to the Gift: The Falling Touch.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised