Liberation of Flesh (Rank 5)Edit

The spoken mantra for this Gift is Aum-waha-guru-dha-yan. Some Stargazers (particularly those among the Tranquil) posit that all flesh is weak, and like an anchor, it drags the spirit. Stargazers using this Gift find themselves "liberated" from their physical forms, becoming insubstantial and bodiless.

This Gift is a Mantra Gift of the Stargazers.


No roll is necessary to become incorporeal, but the player must spend a Gnosis point to reduce the Stargazer's physical form to an insubstantial one. When this Gift is activated, the Stargazer becomes quite literally like a silvery ghost of her physical body, and can be seen with a successful Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 7). The Stargazer may take no actions except for simple movement, and even that takes a strong concentration. To move from one place to another, the player must roll Wits + Meditation (difficulty 7). Only one success is necessary for movement, but the shimmering ghostly form may only travel no faster than the werewolf's usual walking speed. Failure means the character may not move; a botch on the roll to move is disastrous. A botch disrupts the Stargazer's concentration keeping her form non-corporeal, and it reduces her Gnosis pool to zero. The Stargazer may stay in this bodiless state for as long as she chooses, and may not be physically harmed by other physical creatures or spirits. To return to a corporeal, physical form, the Stargazer spends another Gnosis point and her ghostly form becomes immediately corporeal once again.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised