Mimic (Rank 2)Edit

A very widely used Gift, this allows the Galliard to perfectly replicate any noise she has ever heard with her voice alone. This includes animal calls, artificial noises (like a gunshot), musical instruments, other people's voices or even a specific conversation. Galliards have been known to use this ability to fool enemies, enhance their storytelling, or even act as a werewolf audio recorder. It is taught by a magpie or mynah-spirit, which typically makes its charges suffer for the learning.


Once the Garou learns this Gift, they may automatically replicate anything they have ever heard (subject to the vagaries of their memory, of course). Particularly complicated noises (such as a whole conversation, including background noise) may require a Perception + Investigation roll (difficulty determined by Storyteller) to get right. If the audience suspects that something is up, then a Charisma + Performance roll may be required to fool them. Finally, the Garou may not make new sounds with this Gift, only replicate ones that they've heard before.

Sources: Player's Guide to Garou