Mockingbird’s Mirror (Rank 1)Edit

According to legend, an early Pumonca known as Three Spiders Climb mastered the art of mimicry and ventriloquism, and passed the secret on to his friends. This secret lets a cougar imitate whomever he wishes — birds, animals, humans, even machines — and allows him to throw his new voice for some distance. As the name suggests, a Mockingbird- spirit often passes the secret along, usually in return for food.


The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge to imitate sounds within the normal human vocal range. So long as he’s successful, his mimicry is flawless. If he tries to mirror sounds outside the normal range — subsonic vibrations, explosions, high-frequency whines, etc. — the cat must spend a Gnosis point and the difficulty is 7. This Gift lasts roughly a scene, and sounds can be "thrown" up to 100 feet away from where the werecat stands.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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