Moon’s Gateway (Rank 4)Edit

By calling upon a Lune for help, the Bastet opens a Moon Bridge between caerns or Den-Realms. Such travel only occurs at night. The Gateway forms as a glowing fog, which slowly swirls into the shape of the werecat’s intended destination. Anyone who wants to use the Bridge must enter before the summoner. When she passes through, the Gateway disperses.


The player spends one Gnosis point per 100 miles and rolls Intelligence + Alertness (Intelligence + Enigmas for the Qualmi). The Gateway’s difficulty depends on the werecat’s familiarity with her destination, from 5 for her own Den-Realm to 10 for an unknown location or an Otherworldly Realm. The two travel points must involve either a Den-Realm or some other mystical location (a caern, a Node or Chantry, a Horizon Realm, etc.). A botch lands the traveler(s) in some strange or dangerous place. Traveling out of material reality is always tricky; those lost on such trips are often lost forever...

Other terms for this gift are: Dancing on Air

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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