Moon Sense (Rank 5)Edit

By meditating upon a pool of moonlit water, a Bastet may see anything that transpires beneath Seline’s glow. Although it’s difficult to see distant or hidden locations, a rigorous search can see anywhere on Earth.


The player rolls Perception + Enigmas and spends a Gnosis point. The Bastet must be staring into outside water. Any place touched by moonlight (even near windows, indoors, and within the Penumbra) may be sensed with all six senses, as if the Bastet were standing in the moonlight itself. The water’s surface must be calm; raging waves will reveal nothing. The search’s difficulty depends upon the distance scanned and the Bastet’s familiarity with it. If she observes for more than a minute (or requires more than three rolls), another Gnosis point must be spent. A person with mystical senses might realize he’s being spied upon with a successful Perception + Occult or Enigmas roll (difficulty 6). He would, if he discovered this, see a giant moonlit cat slowly fading away. Naturally, discovery terminates the Gift.

Subject Difficulty Successes Needed
Near & familiar 6 Two
Distant & familiar 7 Three
Unfamiliar 8 Three
Seen pictures 9 Five
Distant & alien 10 Five

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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