Mousemaze (Rank 2)Edit

An unsettling spell of confusion, this Gift disorients a target until he blunders around in a panic. Walls shift and close in, shadows lengthen, sounds drift to his ears from all corners, and familiar places seem strange and threatening. Although the magic has no real effect on the person’s surroundings, his terror and confusion send him into a frenzy, making him an easy target for the werecat lurking nearby...


The cat’s player rolls Manipulation + Empathy, with the target’s Willpower (or Rage, if higher) as a difficulty. Success scrambles his sense of direction and relationship. The better the roll, the more confused the target becomes. Three successes or more send him into a panic; werewolves and vampires must check for frenzy; mages must make Willpower rolls or go into short Quiet; mere humans just freak out. This disorientation lasts about 15 minutes, then slowly fades.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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