Omen of Power (Rank 2) Edit

The Freebooters are famed among the Garou for their ability to find items and places of great magical power. Some believe that they follow Wyld-spirits in their nearly-random wandering through the Umbra; others say the Freebooters can sense the perturbations of even the weakest ley lines. Regardless of the true nature of their abilities, many Freebooters can sniff out the locations of dormant caerns (that is, those once opened whose power has since faded). When conditions are right, they can even sense particularly powerful fetishes from a distance. This Gift is taught by a Hound-spirit.

Black Furies of the Freebooters camp can learn this Gift.

System Edit

Spend one Gnosis and roll Perception + Enigmas; the difficulty is known only to the Storyteller, and is based on the distance to the source of power. Success means that the rough distance and direction to a mystic power source is revealed to the Black Fury. The source of power can be an active or dormant caern, or a level 5+ fetish. The base difficulty for the roll is 7, if the source of power is within ten miles; decrease it by 1 if the distance is less than 1 mile, and increase it by 1 if the distance is between 10 and 20 miles - Omen of Power cannot detect sources of power greater than 20 miles distant. This difficulty is decreased by 2 if the source of power is an active caern, and increased by 1 if it is a fetish rather than a dormant caern.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook Revised