Perfect Cover (Rank 2)Edit

Cats must excel at covering their tracks and lairs, especially in these dangerous times. To help them, the spirits have passed this Gift on to the wild members of the race. By scratching around the place, trail or object to be hidden, the Bastet obscures it from normal and magical view.

Balam Bastet may also learn this Gift at Rank 2.


After the Bastet "buries" all traces of the hidden thing, the player rolls Perception + Survival and spends a Gnosis point. From that point on, the place or object is safe from any form of mortal perception until it moves or is moved. Any magical senses (including Awareness) scanning the area add 1 to their difficulty to notice the hiding place for every success the player rolls. The difficulty of the roll depends on the size of the object and the surroundings: hiding a haunch of deer in the underbrush would be 5, while concealing a cave entrance in a lightly-wooded area would be 9. The Gift cannot conceal obvious objects, like a car on the side of the street, nor does it make things disappear. Rather, it uses surrounding cover, like shadows and underbrush, to make the hidden spot seem overgrown. A letter on a table covered with paper could be hidden, but a jewelry box on a bare mantle could not. A Bastet may use this Gift to conceal himself, and many do.

Sources: Bastet Breedbook, Player's Guide to Changing Breeds

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