Plague Bite (Rank 5)Edit

With one joyous bite, the Ratkin can infect a victim's nervous system. The symptoms of this disease are hideous. The victim cannot stop shaking, the mucous membranes ooze, and they drool continuously. Unless the victim is taken immediately to a hospital, death will result. Even with treatment, the chances of survival are slim. As part of Rat's blessing, if other wererats eat the flesh of a plague victim, they too become carriers of the disease, ready to spread it again with a successful bite attack. Ratkin and their Kinfolk are immunte to the Plague Bite, and don't invoke it unless the punishment fits the crime.


Spend one Gnosis, and the Ratkin can transmit contagion through his incisors. A successful bite spreads the disease. Once bitten, the victim will take a health level of aggravated damage each hour. Since he cannot stop shaking, all difficulties for his rolls are at a +3 penalty. The plague can be cured bt the Resist Toxin and other similar Gifts. Otherwise, the victim takes aggravated damage each hour until he is Incapacitated.

When this happens, the victim is allowed a final Stamina roll, difficulty 8 (the +3 modifier does not apply to this roll). If he fails, he dies. If he succeeds, he remains ill for another day or so, but the plague will not be fatal. If the victim is a shapechanger, then supernatural healing will eventually break down the disease, but in the meantime, the "shakes" will still be a pain to deal with.

Source: Ratkin Breedbook

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