Predator's Leap (Rank 2)Edit

While any lupus werewolf can learn the secrets of jumping great distances, the Red Talons have refined the Gift to great effect when chasing or ambushing a foe. By employing this Gift, the Talon's leap "tracks" a moving target, allowing her to pounce on her prey even if said prey has dodged or fled while the Talon is in mid-leap. A fox- or (sometimes) a cat-spirit teaches this Gift.


The player must roll to leap as usual. She then spends a point of Rage and rolls Wits + Primal-Urge (difficulty 7); the leap is counted as a Rage action, and does not affect the attack dice pool. Any successes on the roll are subtracted from an opponent's successes to dodge or flee from the Talon, before the Talon's attack roll is made. The Talon may then attack normally.

Source: Red Talons Tribebook Revised