Redeem the Waste (Rank 4-5) Edit

Part of a metis' role is the salvation of despoiled wilderness. To do so, he’ll often sniff around, paw at the earth, rub his scent around and urinate in various places, essentially claiming the place as his own. While this isn't a true Rite of Claiming, it resembles it in many ways. By dedicating himself to this land, he can summon forth a healing power to save it from toxins and other desecrations.

Balam Bastet can learn this Gift at Rank 5.


The player rolls Manipulation + Survival (difficulty 7) and spends a Gnosis point. Each success makes one square half-mile of damaged, cursed or barren land fertile again; uprooted trees won’t re-plant themselves, but new trees and plants will rapidly grow. This healing is permanent until someone takes the time to despoil the land again.

Other terms for this gift are: Heal the Wounded Land

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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