The Wendigo still retain some lore from the Croatan, although they keep it secret from other Garou (even the Uktena) and teach it to only deserving Wendigo. The Storyteller may forbid any player character who lacks an excellent reason for learning these Gifts; at any rate, they count as Gifts of another tribe and must be learned at the increased experience cost.

Resolute Vow (Rank 5)Edit

Once a Garou with this Gift pursues a goal, nothing can stop her from achieving her ends. There are many legends of Croatan heroes who followed their vows of vengeance or spiritual quests against all odds, continuing on when less-resolute Garou turned back, fearful of failure. This Gift is now taught by Wendigo Ancestor-spirits.

This is a Wendigo/Croatan Gift only.


The player spends a permanent point of Gnosis and declares her purpose or quest to all who can hear. From that point on, she must follow her quest through until the end. She adds six extra dice to any Willpower roll involving the quest (even if it takes her Willpower over 10 dice) and has six extra Willpower points to spend on the quest only. However, once spent, these points cannot be regained.

If the Garou chooses to give up her quest before it is completed, she loses any remaining bonus Willpower points and loses one permanent Willpower point for each of the bonus Willpower points that she spent after activating this Gift. The Garou may never regain permanently lost Willpower points. For instance, if the Garou gives up her quest after spending three of her bonus Willpower points, she may never have a Willpower rating higher than 7.

Note that the quest does not have to succeed, but it must come to a definite resolution for the Garou not to lose permanent Willpower.

Source: 1st ed Wendigo Tribebook