Rising Sun (Rank 5)Edit

It is said that the lion carries the sun in his heart; the saying may contain more truth than poetry. Some powerful Simba can cause the land around them to blaze with sunlight, even at night. According to tribal caliah, Taa Mlimba used this magic to drive the vampires from his lands ages ago. Although it’s not as effective against the undead as true sunlight, this Gift is certainly potent.


Conjuring sunlight requires two Gnosis points and a Charisma + Primal-Urge roll (difficulty 7). Once this is done, the surrounding rock and earth begin to glow. Each turn, the light grows brighter, until the rocks blaze like the sun; after six turns, it fades away. This light, blinding as it is, doesn’t hurt most living things, and leaves the rocks stone cold; against vampires and other things that fear the sun, however, the Gift inflicts one additional cumulative aggravated Health Level for every turn after the first (one during the second turn, two during the third, etc.). Thus, at its height, the light causes five Health Levels of damage. While this damage may be soaked with Fortitude, most Kindred will remember such an encounter...

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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