River of Blood (Rank 5)Edit

The soil of Africa has been bathed in the blood of its inhabitants for millions of years. A Swara can call that spilled blood together through the soil and give it form, creating a pool, a river, a mass of tentacles, or a variety of other things. This bond to blood seems to be limited to African soil; if a Swara has ever used this Gift outside his native land, no tales of the event survive.


It costs a Rage point to pull a large amount of blood together. A successful Manipulation + Primal-Urge roll is also required. The roll’s difficulty depends on location; a place that’s seen a lot of bloodshed (a watering hole, the site of a massacre, etc.) is only 7, while a remote mountain peak would be 10. It takes several turns for the blood to coalesce into solid form; once it does, the cheetah can work it into any of the following shapes: a wall, a column, a shower, a geyser, a pool, a river, a rope, a bridge, or a mass of “arms” which wrap the target in a liquid embrace. All forms have Strength or Health Levels based on the cat’s successes. For each success, the blood attains two dots of Strength or two Health Levels. Although it remains liquid, the River of Blood can be as solid as thick sand or as fluid as water. This Gift lasts for one scene, then the blood drains back into the earth. The Swara who performs the Gift will be sad for hours afterward; the blood of immeasurable death has passed through his hands.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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