Scholar’s Friend (Rank 1)Edit

A simple yet helpful Gift, this secret allows a Bubasti to read a book, scroll or tablet in any written language. This talent doesn’t teach the cat any new language, nor will it help him understand esoteric concepts or missing bits of text. Even so, the ability to read anything set in front of you is a subtle yet powerful gift.


The shadowcat spends a Gnosis point, rolls his Willpower and begins reading. The difficulty of the roll depends on the obscurity of the text:

Language Difficulty
Modern 5
Scholarly (Latin, Sanskrit) 6
Archaic or Dead (Aramaic) 7
Common Pictograms (Classic Egyptian) 8
Obscure Pictograms/Codes (Sigils of Mu) 9
Personal Codes/Lost Cuneiform 10

Only one roll is allowed per reading session. The Gift lasts for one hour per success, and the cat must rest his eyes for several hours after finishing. A failed roll doesn't necessarily mean the werecat couldn't read the text; it may mean that he read it wrong. Storytellers are advised to keep the difficulty of the roll secret, and to base the information given on the successes of the roll. One success lets the cat get the general idea, while four successes or more indicate complete understanding.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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