Sense the Demonic (Rank 1)Edit

The difference between a servitor of the Wyrm and a demon-possessed mortal is subtle. While most demons emanate perceptible Wyrm-taint, strangely some seem able to mask themselves and escape such notice. Plus, Sense Wyrm doesn't identify the nature of the taint, so the nature of the creature (that it's a demon) goes unknown until it's potentially too late. This Gift helps circumvent that problem. It doesn't provide a literal sense so much as a spiritual one - the eye in the Demon Eater's mind registers the disruption in the fabric of reality, and senses the demonic source. This Gift is taught by a chimerling.

Stargazers of the Demon Eaters camp can learn this Gift.


The player rolls Perception + occult. The difficulty is dependent upon the proximity and intensity of the demon (or demon-possessed victim). Sensing a single demon in the same room would be difficulty 6, sensing a demon across a busy city street would be 7, and detecting a demon's infernal influence after the creature has already left would be a difficulty 8.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised