Shadow Throw (Rank 1)Edit

While vocally expressing his anger, the Ratkin can form a shadowy field of power around a dagger or other sharp object balanced for throwing. When the Ratkin hurls his dagger at a foe, the blade is propelled by the darkness around it and strikes with supernatural force. This Gift is taught by a Night-spirit, which will usually demand a tale of an unpunished criminal's dark secrets.


The Ratkin spends a Rage point and targets a single victim within line-of-sight; the player rolles Perception + Athletics to attack (diff 6, with the usual Marksmanship modifiers). The blade strikes with more force than the wererat can muster, inflicting Strength +3 aggravated damage. If the blade is already magical, it only inflicts +2 damage.

Source: Ratkin Breedbook

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