Shatter Bone (Rank 3) Edit

Victims with twisted arms or crushed legs are much easier prey. The Ahroun with this Gift can destroy bone with a single punch, regardless of the damage inflicted by the blow. A Hyena-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

Before striking an opponent, the Ahroun must spend a Willpower point and a Rage point. The Garou must target a specific limb, which increases the difficulty as indicated in the chart below. Also, he must spend the Willpower and Rage even if the blow does not connect or he scores fewer than three successes.

The successful use of this Gift crushes whatever bone structure lies beneath the targeted flesh and causes a number of Health Levels of damage equal to (the number of successes in the attack roll - 3). This damage is unsoakable but does not cause aggravated wounds. Broken arms and legs subsequently handicap an opponent in any combat. A fractured skull renders the victim unconscious. A broken spine causes paralysis. See the chart below for full effects.

Target Difficulty Special Effect
Skull +3 Stamina roll (difficulty 8) to remain conscious.
Arm +2 Dexterity roll to hold items; target cannot use broken limb to attack.
Leg +1 Dexterity roll to remain standing; target cannot run or attack with broken limb
Rib +2 Stamina roll (difficulty 6) to avoid puncturing a lung.
Spine +4 Must attack target from rear; target remains paralysed until this wound heals.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide

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