Shed (Rank 1) Edit

The Garou knows the trick of shedding and growing fur at an alarming rate. This gift makes the Garou especially hard to grapple successfully; opponents find themselves holding tufts of fur instead of their target. The Garou can also slide through tight spaces using his shedding fur as natural lubrication. A Lizard-spirit or Snake-spirit teaches this Gift.

System Edit

The Garou may use his slick outer coating to avoid being grappled. With a successful Dexterity + Primal Urge roll (difficulty 7), he can free himself from any successful grappling attack. The fur also reduces by two the werewolf's difficulty whenever he squeezes through tight spaces or slips restraints, such as handcuffs. For Garou, this Gift is only usable in Crinos through Lupus forms, and cannot be used by hairless metis.

Sources: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide, Player's Guide to Garou, Mokole Breedbook

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