Shelter of Needles (Rank 4)Edit

As the Strength of the Pine grounds a single Garou, the protective umbrella of the Pine's branches may be extended to shield any Garou, human or Gaian creature in the surrounding area. It also disables anything electrically powered beneath its canopy for that turn, as all the power is grounded and funneled towards Gaia. A pine-spirit teaches this Gift.


The player spends a Gnosis point and rolls Willpower once, at the difficulty of 3+ the highest Stamina of the other living creatures in the surrounding area. If the roll is a success, those creatures are sheltered from electrical shock and physical damage, int he same manner as Strength of Pine. The distance between the Garou and the furthest creature from her determines the size of the canopy. For example, if the Garou rolls successfully to protect several allies, the furthest of which is 100 feet away from her, all creatures within 100 feet can take advantage of the Shelter. If a sheltered creature moves from its grounding spot, it alone loses the protection of the Gift. However, the Gifted Wendigo may move about freely once the Gift's effects are established.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Revised