Shield of Gaia (Rank 6)Edit

The Garou can become so attuned to the laws and rhythms of Gaia that the Weaver's laws cease to have any effect on her. This Gift can only be used once by any Garou who learns it; its effects are permanent. The Garou becomes immune to the effects of one form of technology, such as bullets, photography (i.e. cannot be photographed), electricity, chemical toxins, etc. This Gift is taught by an avatar of Griffin.


The Garou spends a permanent point of Gnosis and chooses the one form of technology to which she will be immune. It is up to the Storyteller to determine exactly what is and is not included in the protection afforded by this Gift. For example, Garou who chooses immunity to flame-throwers would not be burned by them, but other flames will act normally upon her.

This Gift does apply against Wyrm-tainted technology, although not Wyrm substances. For instance, a Garou who is immune to chemical toxins may not be harmed by the Pentex acid, but the Bane in the acid can still try to possess her.

This Gift is open to a lot of abuse, but the player and the Storyteller should recognize the spirit of the Gift: it is Gaia's protection to Her children from the ravages of the Weaver and the modern world. Just how this is interpreted and how much is permitted depends on the mood and atmosphere of a game. However, no player should be allowed to claim immunity to nuclear weapons.

Source: 1st ed Red Talons Tribebook