Shiva’s Might (Rank 5)Edit

In one of the most impressive feats of godlike destruction this side of a nuke, a Bagheera may change into a form reminiscent of Shiva the Destroyer or Kali the Dark Mother (depending on the cat’s gender). In a burst of holy light, the Bastet becomes a 12-foot-tall, six-armed Crinos-form werepanther wielding flaming weapons. Until the ground is littered with bodies, this engine of feline wrath hacks everything around it — foe and otherwise — into bloody giblets. Obviously, this is a last resort, but a very effective one.


The player invoking this godlike manifestation spends two Rage points and two Gnosis points, then immediately rolls for frenzy (difficulty 3). If he wins five successes or more, the Bagheera springs into Crinos form, grows three feet taller, and sprouts four more arms, each bearing a flaming weapon. This destroyer form, the Juddho, goes into a sudden killing frenzy which lasts for one turn for every point of Rage in the Bastet’s permanent rating. If he fails, nothing happens; a botch brings on a fox frenzy instead. The stats for Juddho form are:

Attribute Rating
Strength +6
Dexterity +3
Stamina +6
Appearance 0
Weapons Strength +4 (Aggravated)

No one is safe from Shiva's Might - anyone in sight will be attacked. The Bagheera is totally incapable of any form of rational communication or combat strategy. Until the Juddho form disappears, he knows only how to kill. In his mind, he wanders through the hells of the Asura, slashing and biting everything he meets. When the Gift finally fades, the panther drops to 0 Rage, assumes his breed form, and falls asleep for at least four hours.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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