Sky's ShadowEdit

(Level Two) There’s little that is more frustrating than a creeping sensation that you’re being watched. This Gift allows a Corax to bestow that feeling on the target of victim. Sometimes the Gift creates the shadow of a large bird that follows the target everywhere; other times, it just imbues a sense of pure paranoia. At first glance, Sky’s Shadow might not seem like a terribly effective Gift, but nervous men make mistakes - and this Gift can make even the strongest-willed man nervous. Any bird spirit can teach this gift.


The Gift implants in the target the certainty that he is being watched, with the feeling lasting a day for each success on a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty 7). The Gift costs a point of Rage to activate. While under the Gift’s influence, the victim is constantly aware of the shadowy eyes of unknown figures upon him. This takes away from his ability to concentrate, and he’s at + 1 difficulty on all Willpower- and Mental-related rolls as long as the Gift’s effect lasts.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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