Small Cousin (Rank 4)Edit

Some Ceilican over-steeped in human culture call this Gift Blofeld’s Cat after James Bond’s nemesis (who, they insist, was the white cat, not the man). This Gift allows a Bastet to physically become a house cat. While this form can be limiting, it’s very unobtrusive. Best of all, it doesn’t hamper cat magic in any way, and screens out routine mystic senses. Unless the victim subjects his housecat to a rigorous magical appraisal, the Bastet is free to enter and observe whatever he likes.


The Ceilican’s player spends a Gnosis point and rolls her Gnosis against difficulty 8; for each success, the Ceilican can retain her feline form for one hour. During this time, her Physical Attributes become those of a domestic cat, although her Social and Mental Attributes remain the same. She cannot speak, but can use any Gift that her feline form will allow. Although a person who makes a successful Perception + Awareness roll (difficulty 8) might realize that "there’s something weird about the cat," her true nature remains hidden unless someone penetrates her disguise magically (with Disciplines or True Magick, for instance). Attempts to do so add 3 to their difficulty. It should be noted that few vampires or wizards bother to check every passing cat with magical sight unless they have some compelling reason to be so paranoid (over and above their usual paranoia).

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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