Soothe/Summon Storm (Rank 5)Edit

Mighty werecats can call upon the weather spirits to whip up or disperse a storm. The bigger the tempest, the harder it is to call up or put down. Doing so usually requires a long rite in which the cat yowls and capers at the sky. Undoing what you have summoned requires another, harder effort. This Gift is said to be a birthright from Nala herself.


Beginning this process requires two Gnosis points and a Manipulation + Survival roll. Once it’s in action, stopping it requires another Gnosis point and a roll at 2 difficulty higher. Once a weather pattern has begun, it will run its own course. This may take hours. Storms in unlikely locations (a sudden rainstorm in the desert, for instance) require five or more additional successes. Botching during a storm-call can be unpredictable — and disastrous. The Bastet is not immune to the forces she calls upon….

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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