Spirit Claws (Rank 3-4)Edit

Another Den-Realm Gift, this one allows a werecat to attack from the Penumbra, or to rip through the Gauntlet at an Umbral opponent, without stepping sideways. Naturally, he must be able to see his opponent before he can hit him...

Metis Bastet can learn this Gift at Rank 3, and the Gift works anywhere rather than just in a Den-Realm.


By rolling Gnosis against the local Gauntlet, the Bastet can slash through with a normal hand-to-hand attack (+1 difficulty) without exposing himself to danger. Each attack requires a new roll against the Gauntlet. This Gift can only be used within the cat’s own Den-Realm.

Other terms for this gift are: Spirit-Touch

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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