Spirit Path (Rank 3)Edit

The Umbra can often confuse the senses of even the most perceptive tracker. The Theurge who possesses this Gift can track a particular spirit anywhere in the spirit world. As long as the Garou knows the spirit's name, she can find the spirit no matter which Umbral realm it takes refuge in. A Cockroach-spirit can teach this Gift.


As long as the Garou knows the true name of the spirit, she can use this Gift. She must spend a Gnosis point to be able to find the spirit. A successful Perception + Enigmas roll (difficulty 8) reveals the location of the errant Umbral denizen. Some Realms and certain Charms can make this Gift more difficult to use. The Gift: Name the Spirit can be used in conjunction with Spirit Path.

Source: 2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guide