Spirit Savage (Rank 3) Edit

In the spirit world, a warrior often finds himself dealing with hostile spirits much more often than he'd like. This Gift allows the Ahroun to brutally savage a spirit with a bite, impeding the spirit's ability to attack or defend itself. Spirits find this Gift horrifying, and are unwilling to aid any warrior who uses it unjustly (such as against any Gaian spirit). It's taught by wolverine-spirits, who care little for the opinion of their fellows.


The Garou must successfully bite his spirit opponent and spend a Rage point. The player then rolls Strength + Brawl, difficulty 4; if the successes equal or exceed the spirit's Willpower, the spirit's Rage is effectively reduced by one point, plus one point for every extra success, for the rest of the scene. This Gift can be used only once per scene against any given spirit, and it cannot reduce a spirit to zero Rage.

For example, Tanya Riverjumper ignores the foul stench and clamps down on a Hogling. She gains six successes, three more than the Hogling's Willpower. The Hogling loses four Rage for the rest of the scene; it now has only four dice to attack and defend itself, and it's probably terrified to boot.

Source: Umbra: The Velvet Shadows

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