Spirit Wall (Rank 5)Edit

One of the greatest tricks a Bubasti learns is the art of calling together minor spirits from around the area and forming them into a wailing Umbral wall. Such magics do not endear a cat to the spirits in general, but by the time she achieves this Rank, a Bubasti should have enough sense to use such power wisely — and enough power to protect herself when she uses it at all.


The player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas. The difficulty can range from 6 to 10, depending on how many minor spirits are nearby. This takes two turns. To shape the assembled chaya into a wall, she spends two Gnosis points and rolls a contested roll between her Willpower and the spirits’ (assume a Dice Pool of three dice for every success the Bubasti scores on the earlier roll). If she succeeds, the resulting wall blocks spirits, imposes a Gauntlet of 10 and lasts for one turn per success on the Willpower roll. If she fails, the spirits remain unbound, unformed and angrier than hell.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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