Stash Cache (Rank 1)Edit

Ratkin aren't usually big on personal possesions. Many prefer to keep everything they need in a knapsack, a briefcase, or their pockets. When they need to hide these meager items, some prefer to step sideways for just an instant and find a little hidey-hole where they can stash their stuff. The hiding place might be a little Umbra tunnel, a spot guarded by a Rat-spirit, or just some space between the spirit world and the physical. Rat-spirits teach this Gift, but only if they can score a portion of the Ratkin's stash from time to time; they may well exact a slight "payment" from your first stash cache.


Roll permanent Gnosis; the difficulty is the local Guantlet. If you succeed, you've found a clever little place to stash an object smaller than a backpack or knapsack. The number of successes suggests the number of days you can probably keep it there safely. Wait too long, and your valuables will likely either be snagged by a Wyld-spirit, calcified by a Weaver-spirit, or spoiled by a Bane.

Source: Ratkin breedbook

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