Storm of Pests (Rank 1) Edit

By singing a plea to Tzinzie and his kind, a werejaguar can call up a cloud of mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, or some equally obnoxious bugs. These creatures don’t so much damage as distract their prey, although they might, at the Storyteller option, carry diseases like malaria or yellow fever. By drawing the victim’s attention to the biting pests, the Balam may prepare either an ambush or an escape.


The jaguar’s player rolls Manipulation + Survival. In most rainforests or coastal areas, the difficulty is 5. In other places, the difficulty rises to 7, and goes to 9 in areas where bugs are scarce. For each success, an area roughly 10 feet square is filled with flying bugs, reducing all Dice Pools by 2 for one turn per success. After that, the insects disperse. The cat is not immune to bug bites, but usually knows what to expect and can act normally.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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