Swallow's ReturnEdit

(Level Two) Corax usually know where they are going. That's more or less part of the package that comes with the Spirit egg, after all. However, there are times when a Corax is too tired or too badly injured to navigate himself back home. That is when he turnes to this gift. Swallows Return, is nothing less than an autopilot, brining the Corax safely back home even while the wereraven sleeps or heals. A swallow-Spirit teaches this Gift.


Corax wishing to use this gift must give up a point of Gnosis, and trust his luck, also making a Wits + Empathy roll (Difficulty 6). Swallows return only brings the Corax home - no alternate destinations can be inserted - and the defination of "home" can occasionally get the Corax in trouble.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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