The Hungry Earth (Rank 4)Edit

The Mother is not at peace. Some Pumonca know how to rouse her enough to show her displeasure. When this Gift is employed, the ground shakes, opens or gives way, covering tracks, sealing passages or burying the cat’s opponents alive.


Depending on the cat’s environment, this Gift takes many different forms,: among hills or mountains, it causes an avalanche; in the swamps, it begets quicksand; in deserts and plains, it causes the ground to open up beneath a target. To invoke these disasters, the cat’s player rolls Manipulation + Survival, with the difficulty being the area’s Gauntlet +2 (maximum 10) and spends a Rage point. The exact effects are up to the Storyteller, but often affect a 100-foot radius for each success rolled. If the attack causes damage, assume that the victim takes two or three normal Health Levels for each success. Some attacks, like falling rocks, are more deadly, but may allow the target a Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 6-8) to get clear.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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