The Mark (Rank 1) Edit

The Garou can mark a person or place with a scent only other werewolves can sense. The mark is subtle; placing it isn't. This Gift is taught by lost-dog-spirits.

System Edit

Using this Gift requires one Gnosis and a stream of the Garou's urine. The Garou must use his own fluids to mark his victim. Any Garou with at least one dot in Primal-Urge can sense the mark within line of sight. With three dots in Primal-Urge, the Garou can sense it up to a mile away. If the user of this Gift has five dots in Primal-Urge, he always knows where the mark is. The effects last for twelve hours, then persist until the following sunset or sunrise (whichever comes first).

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Revised

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