The Paradox of Time (Rank 4)Edit

To most followers of Hinduism, time is not the linear stream Westerners believe it is. Rather, all times are one time, viewed from a perspective that shifts. In other words, it only appears to move because we believe it does. A skilled Bagheera can employ this seeming paradox to utterly confuse an enemy or enlighten a pilgrim. By showing him the relative nature of time, the panther can offer him a glimpse of his folly — or baffle him for minutes on end.


While the cat talks to his target in low, hypnotic tones, the player rolls Manipulation + Enigmas against the target’s current Willpower rating. For each success, the subject’s perceptions skew slightly, disorienting him for two turns. Until the Gift wears off, he subtracts three dice from all Dice Pools due to terminal confusion. Mages who understand the Time Sphere are totally immune to this Gift’s effects.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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