The Teacher's Ease (Rank 2)Edit

The Stargazers of the Sacred Thread are teachers, first and forever. They hold a great love of sharing information and enlightening others to knowledge, and those with this Gift may find their students a little more "enlightened" than others. With it, a ksatriya may actually open a student's mind a little further than it already was, allowing the learner to absorb more information, more quickly. This Gift is taught by a Stargazer ancestor-spirit.

Stargazers of The Sacred Thread camp can learn this Gift.


The player rolls Manipulation + Expression (difficulty is 10 minus the student's Intelligence score). Each success gives the learner a number of bonus dice on a roll featuring a specific Ability. The learner may not use these bonus dice on any Ability, however; he may only use it on a single Ability of the ksatriya's choosing. If the Sacred Thread Stargazer demands that the dice must go towards a roll involving the Investigation Ability, then the learner has no choice but to assign those dice to a single roll involving Investigation.

Source: Stargazers Tribebook Revised