Theft of StarsEdit

(Level Five) In some Native American legends, Raven was responsible for placing the sun, moon and stars into the sky. However, what Raven giveth, Raven can take away - or at least borrow with the help of the Corax. This Gift has a truly terrifying effect, rendering the target completely unable to see any light derived from a natural light source (the sun, moon or stars). Victims of this power are reduced to stumbling around in a bizarre twilight, if not absolute darkness. Helios’ Avatar teaches this Gift, but only to Corax whom the Sun trusts in its use.


A point of Willpower and a point of Rage are needed to activate Theft of Stars, as is a contested Willpower roll with the victim. If the Corax wins the roll, her victim is immediately plunged into darkness, as no natural light registers with his eyes. Artificial light (lamps, fire, etc.) registers just fine, but who’s got their lights on in the middle of the day? The effects of Theft of Stars last a single hour, but that’s usually more than enough.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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