Thunderbolt (Rank 3)Edit

A pact with the spirits of the storm allows some Pumonca to call down a thunderbolt. So long as at least one cloud hangs in the air, the cougar can call down lightning. Most cougars learn this mighty spell from Thunderbird himself.


The cougar’s player spends a point of Rage to summon a bolt of lightning, and rolls Dexterity + Survival to hit the target. Under normal conditions (partly cloudy skies, human-sized target), the roll’s difficulty is 8; large targets or stormy skies can decrease it to 7 or 6, while dry conditions or unusually small targets can raise the difficulty to 9 or even 10. The bolt inflicts two Health Levels worth of fire damage for every point of the werecat’s Gnosis. Even if the Thunderbolt misses its victim, it’s still a terrifying experience to be on the receiving end of a lightning strike. Would-be victims to roll their Willpower against difficulty 8 to avoid running in fear.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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