Visuddha (Rank 4)Edit

The throat chakra stirs, allowing the character immense control over his voice and breath. He can halt others with a bellow or command them to heed his words.

Stargazers who follow the path of training known as Awakening the Serpent Fire can learn this gift. This gift is taught by Kundalini Snake-spirits.


The player rolls Manipulation + Expression and spends one Gnosis point. For the next scene, anything the Stargazer says has a commanding quality to it. Each success on the roll lowers the difficulty on any roll to command others, and he may even ask them to act in ways contrary to their nature (although not acts which will directly harm them).

In addition, he may issue a resounding Ki-ai at anytime, a bellow meant to scare opponents and give the Stargazer the initiative in combat. Roll Stamina + Expression; each success lowers an opponent's initiative and attack Dice Pools by one die for three turns. The ki-ai does not require a separate action; characters do not have to split their Dice Pools to issue one in the same turn in which they attack. A Ki-ai may be effective against a single opponent only once per scene.

Source: 1st ed Stargazers Tribebook