Vulture's Feast (Level Four) - One of the great advantages of being a carrion eater is that your dinner plate is rarely empty. There's roadkill everywhere just waiting for you to dig in. What happens, however, if you want something a little fresher? After all, who knows how long that hunk of ex-squirrel has been hanging out in the passing lane? Vulture’s Feast allows a Corax to rot flesh with a touch, regardless of whether the target meat is dead or alive. Obviously, this is not a Gift to be used lightly, but there are times when even the most peaceable Corax has no recourse but to turn someone’s face into a mass of decaying Suppuration- A Vulture-spirit teaches this Gift.

System: The exercise of Vulture’s Feast requires the expenditure of a Willpower point and two Gnosis. The Corn must then make a successful Dexterity + Brawl roll (difficulty 5) in order to touch his victim, then he must succeed on a contested Stamina roll. If he wins, the flesh he’s currently touching becomes withered, dead and rotted; the victim takes one Health Level of aggravated damage for each success the Corax has left. Only Corax in Homid can make use of this Gift. Corax who become too fond of using Vulture’s Feast are often easily turned to the Wyrm, so anyone who gets a reputation for using Vulture’s Feast frequently will find himself watched carefully by his fellow wereravens.

This gift is learned by: Corax

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