Walking Between Worlds (Rank 2-4) Edit

Some tales claim that Coyote taught Bastet to step sideways; others insist the trick was stolen from Garou. In any case, this Gift allows a werecat to walk into the Umbra as Garou do. The Swara Bastet learn this gift much more quickly and gain access to it at Rank 2. That this talent is so common among the Swara is a closely-guarded secret.

Ordinarily, Rokea cannot step sideways without using the Rite of Passing the Net. Darkwaters, however, long ago discovered how to part the thin aquatic Gauntlet on their own. Any spirit-servant of Sea may teach this Gift.

Mokole gain access to this Gift at Rank 3. Most typically, they go into water instead of using a mirror in order to step sideways.

System Edit

The talent becomes natural once a werecat learns this Gift. Once learned, this Gift is permanent.

The Rokea may step sideways just as werewolves do. This Gift does not provide protection from the increased pressure and cold of the undersea Umbra, however, although the Gift: Blood of the Deeps does.

Other terms for this gift are: Enter Sea's Soul

Sources: Bastet Breedbook, Mokole Breedbook, Rokea Breedbook

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