Water’s Vision (Rank 5)Edit

Water sees everything. By learning to see as the water does, a Qualmi can look through barriers to see what lies beyond them. Walls, vaults, the Gauntlet — nothing stops a Qualmi who wants to see around them.


Seeing through barriers requires a Perception + Primal- Urge roll against the Gauntlet rating. For each success, the lynx can see 100 feet without obstruction. Every object, from stone walls to living bodies to the Gauntlet, appears translucent and immaterial. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to pick one thing out from among the series of see-through patterns; it often requires a Perception + Alertness roll to notice details. This vision stops at ground level, although the cat can see into basements or cellars if her sight extends far enough. This power lasts one turn per success.

Source: Bastet Breedbook

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